The Wii mothers have all gone, now what?

It was developed under the code name of “Revolution” and the Wii with it’s straight forward/easy to pickup controller, the Wii Remote, known colloquially as the Wiimote revolutionized and introduced gaming to a whole new demographic, your mother and her mother!

The bowling waggle (come strike), the amateur golf slice and giggling upper cut in Wii Sports guaranteed that shiny new Wii consoles sold on eBay for ludicrous amounts of money, and getting a Wii at retail counters was like fighting off a pack of wild dogs, not that I’m calling your mother a dog. But it was madness, a madness that Nintendo gladly soaked up and stashed.

So the novelty wore off and your mother went back to watching Coronation Street, and her mother, well she went back to telling great war story’s of old to her fellow residential home inhabitants. The game changer/revolution had run it’s course, and so, the creators of a revolution attempted a second lighting strike, (and capture it in a bottle). With rose tinted glasses securely in place the Wii U and GamePad took flight and then quickly plummeted, was the game up for Nintendo?

Why had the mothers not returned? Because the plot line in Coronation Street was such a good distraction? And in the advertisements between the half hour long (soap), not one cheesy Wii U advertisement was aired, and besides, mothers now have iPads and they have cracked Angry Birds and Candy Crush. So whatever Nintendo throws at them, they simply ignored.

So what now? Nintendo needs to ride the storm, forget about Wii mothers and focus on bringing the Wii U to the gamer, those who follow gaming specific websites, those who eat, sleep and drink gaming. Hard choices have to be made, and hard hits (like now) have to be taken. Ultimately lessons must be learned, and games must be delivered, and not just repetitions.

We all know Nintendo can take the hit, and will be do just fine in terms of profit, one way or another. The Wii U console was never designed to compete with Sony or Microsoft, but looking at it this way, they hoped the Wii name would carry them once again to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but instead the Wii U name is currently a laughing stock, a piece of hardware with chronic lurgy.

Most Illnesses can be overcome, I personally don’t think this is terminal for the Wii U, but it is terminal for the Wii name after this console cycle comes to an end. Next time around Nintendo must not make the same mistake and try to ride to glory on the name of something. They’ve got to put something under the hood that can at least compete.

They can use this time to learn high definition, build a substantial online infrastructure, and become more developer friendly, then they come out swinging for the gamer’s, not their mothers in four years time!


If you were in charge of the Wii U design.

I like my Wii U, and probably you like yours? The question I’m asking today is. If you were in charge of the Wii U design, what technological features would you have included or not included?

Would you have more RAM, (like 4 gig) and a better grade/core/clocked GPU- CPU? A matt-black finish (do you hate all the finger marks)? More flash storage, (possibly 64 gig) or a dedicated hard-drive (320 gig)? Gone for a pro controller/wiimote combination and ditched the GamePad for implementation of greater assets elsewhere?

Games at launch, especially 1st party. If the games couldn’t be ready for launch. Would you have delayed the console?

Got some thoughts on this, then please comment.