Your first Nintendo console.

Quick question, what was your first (1st) Nintendo console?

And did you buy it yourself (new or secondhand) or receive it as a gift? Birthday, Christmas.

The Super NES was mine, I bought it secondhand from a small independent electric shop that specialized in anything from video games to CB radios. Back in the day before mobile phones and the internet.




Doom for Nintendo!

So did you think this was another one of those doom (and gloom) posts? Yes, well it’s not!

The only Doom I know for Nintendo is on the Super NES and the N64.

There is also Doom DS. (Not sure if this requires something dodgy to run it, cough, cough,  if it does… I apologise. Not in the business or mood to report nefarious activities.)

So that pretty makes up a lot of doom for Nintendo.

On another note, did you know that there will be another doom article/post somewhere in the world today. Doom on you! If you weren’t smart enough to plan ahead.