What’s the problem with online multiplayer on Wii U?

What’s the problem with online multiplayer on Wii U?

Developer laziness or is there something sadly wrong with Nintendo’s networking infrastructure? They/Nintendo struggled getting to grips with the high definition transition, (1st party content.) Are they/Nintendo now struggling to build a compelling online infrastructure¬†for 3rd party developers to easily port/build full games for the Wii U.

I would love to know what’s going? And I’m sure so would you, my fellow Nintendo fans.

Share your thoughts, as to why games like Sniper Elite: V2, Batman: Arkham Origins and now How To Survive, a lush looking zombie survival game, based on a South American archipelago is going to miss/lack online multiplayer features on the Wii U.

Setting games up to fail on the Wii U from the outset.


Cubeman 2: First cross-platform multiplayer game on Wii U.

Cubemen 2 is a fast paced, action packed, original 3D Strategy game where you use your little Cubemen units to defend and attack enemies in a range of awesome game modes including CTF, Skirmish, Territory and more.

For the multi-player enthusiasts, you can compete in up to 6 player online Solo or Team battles against other humans or AI, for the top spot on the global rankings.

Cross-platform will include PC, (Windows or Linux via Steam) iOS, Android, Mac and the Wii U.

Read more at the developers (Three Sprockets) official game website. http://cubemen2.com/