Wonderful 101 demo hits eShop.


Demo available, so strap on your latex ladies and gentlemen and prepare to become heroes.

And why the hell do Nintendo make Ustream videos private? Do they not want people to share???

YouTube Video incoming!


Nintendo Direct’s. Do they need a better communicator?

Satoru Iwata seems a genuine honest guy, there’s no doubt about him being a clever person, being describe a “genius programmer” from his days at HAL Laboratory.

Under his guidance/leadership Nintendo has both flourished and stumbled, the stumbling being the Wii U and HD transition. Is this a learning curve? I’m sure most Nintendo fans will say it is.

So we know what Satoru Iwata brings to the table, his credentials are pretty impressive, but unfortunately in my opinion he just does not have the gift of the gab when it comes to addressing the public, and the Nintendo Direct’s. He’s no Reggie, and we don’t want him to be.

So what do I suggest for starters. Do the Nintendo Direct’s need a blue eyed, big chested blonde that’s all smiles and either a Texas accent or an Irish accent to be the front, the eye candy? Most pubescent kids may go for that, but would the average Nintendo follower/fan agree, not really.

It needs a gamer/community person that is in touch with the ground level gamer/the ordinary gamer, and not someone at the top of the company with a suit on all the time, struggling to put the words across, and the sheer excitement of new or upcoming content.

It needs someone that you can communicate with via social networks, someone who does their own “food” shopping at their local supermarket and does not have servants do it, if you get my meaning.

Nintendo needs to build up a strong rapport, and a good community spokesperson to front the Nintendo Direct’s that brings some excitement to the show would be very much welcome.

Nintendo Direct this Wednesday, 7/8/2013.

Mr Nintendo, or Lord Satoru Iwata to many over zealous fans is to address the public with a Nintendo Direct, and what can we expect?

More Sonic, Donkey Kong, Mario and Wonderful 101 news, in-game footage, screenshots?

Do you crave more, and if so what?

Yoshi Yarn or a sneak peak at Angry Birds.