Unity in motion.

The other day I wrote an article regarding gaming engines, and one of the engines I mentioned was the Unity gaming engine. The word Unity and Nintendo seem to be popping up all over the place.

Not surprising really, considering Nintendo and Unity Technologies recently (within the last twelve months) became partners, and at this years Game Developers Conference (GDC) Europe, representatives from both Unity Technologies and Nintendo will holds talks.

So now for the juicy stuff, games powered by Unity. Just taking a quick look on the Unity Game List page sends a shiver down my spine. It screams creativity from independent studios and developers alike.

If Nintendo pull their finger out, we could see some real juicy games brought to the Wii U.

Your thoughts towards Unity powered games that you would like to see on the Wii U.


Engine trouble.

I will be totally honest here and say I don’t know a thing about gaming engines. I know the name of more than a few, but could not tell you how they differ? (If someone wants to enlighten me, please do).

There’s Unreal, CryEngine, Unity, Id Tech and if you browse Wikipedia you will find there are many more, some with great sounding names, SCUMM engine. (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion).

Now there is one gaming engine that has stirred up some great debate among Nintendo fans. That engine is the Frostbite engine that belongs to EA and most notably powers games like Battlefield and other upcoming titles.

So I had a crazy brainwave, EA have said, (changed stance quite a few times) that the Frostbite engine could be ported over to the Wii U. But it is not a priority. This means there is not enough Wii U’s on the market to justify the effort and price to do so.

So for my brainwave… If someone was to start a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for (the cost to port the Frostbite engine to Wii U). Be it an independent person or EA themselves, they could gauge how many people are really interested in games like Battlefield and Battlefront for Wii U.

Heck the Kickstater campaign could go something like Frostbite port and a copy of Battlefield 4 for $50.

Thoughts please.