Nintendo fanboy/girls.

I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That) Meatloaf once sang.

So today I’m asking/questioning the mentality of Nintendo fanboy/girls. How far will you go to defend your Nintendo? Banned from a forum, (after racking up, plus 4000 posts). Start a fight with the kid next door, an Xbox lover. Change your name by deed poll (depol) to Zelda, and become royalty.

Unleash your inner fanboy/fangirl, via the comments.


Unleashing the power.

The Wii U has been called crap and out of sync. Rival fanboys are taking every opportunity to attack the current (lack of 3 party support which is diminishing daily and under-powered, seemingly under-powered next generation Nintendo console at every obstacle encountered).

Most people who console game (well those) who have been doing it long enough know full well that it takes time to unleash the power, the true potential of any new hardware. And months into a launch of a product is no indication to what it can achieve.

The next words I will use now are refreshing and explanation. An article on HD Warriors  blog more than sums up the foundations of the Wii U design. Shin’en the developer behind the gorgeous looking Nano Assault Neo have spoken, it may not be in layman terms, but they have spoken.

I could say read it and weep, but it was bloody obvious. There are people who like to flame, and people who like to put out flames. Today is one of those days for extinguishing.