Neon Shadow. An FPS of old school delight.

Not too long ago I wrote about the need for a FPS aimed towards the mature Nintendo audience. It had to be fun, over-the-top, crazy fun. Well law and behold I think I’ve found it, in the shape and form of Neon Shadow.

Neon Shadow started life as an OUYA Create Game Jam Event, and since then Tasty Poison Games, a video game studio based in Cape Town South Africa decided to go into full production, and bring back awesome FPS.

Think Doom, think Quake, think the 1990’s shooter with a smile on your face. Question is can we/the Nintendo fans convince Tasty Poison to go way of the Nintendo. I’m sure the lure of  a free Unity development licence might go a long way to helping, that’s if they develop using that particular gaming engine.

Anyway enjoy.


Want to read more about Tasty Poison Games? Visit their website.