Destiny on Wii U, and the appalling comments on the Bungie forums.

So there I was doing some internet browsing, looking up Bungie’s next project Destiny and the possibility of the game being developed for the Wii U. And what better way to get some information/answers, head straight to the horses mouth.

It turns out that a forum poster that goes by the name SurprisedRICK had asked the very same question. “Why no Destiny for Wii U?” In the forum post at hand, there are some reasonable answers, (possible no mention of Wii U development because of the current low install base) and some not reasonable answers, (Nintendo can’t do online).

Funny because I can play Splinter Cell: Blacklist online on the Wii U (a Nintendo product) and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate online without real issues. The odd Blacklist teething problem, but nothing a patch won’t fix. Like most games, they have bugs.

Most try and debunk the Wii U as childish, gay and for noobs, whilst others (kids probably not old enough to shave) bang on about the Playstation 4 and Xbox One being it. Yes they are the it, the buzzwords of the moment if you’re a fan of Sony or Microsoft. But what about fans who game the Nintendo way? Have they not got the right to ask, and get an answer without being called all things derogatory.

Yes we know it’s fanboy banter that gets too close to the knuckle, but on an official forum, this stuff should be moderated, do you not think?

So Bungie, are you planning to bring Destiny to the Wii U, a simple yes or no will suffice.