What’s the problem with online multiplayer on Wii U?

What’s the problem with online multiplayer on Wii U?

Developer laziness or is there something sadly wrong with Nintendo’s networking infrastructure? They/Nintendo struggled getting to grips with the high definition transition, (1st party content.) Are they/Nintendo now struggling to build a compelling online infrastructure for 3rd party developers to easily port/build full games for the Wii U.

I would love to know what’s going? And I’m sure so would you, my fellow Nintendo fans.

Share your thoughts, as to why games like Sniper Elite: V2, Batman: Arkham Origins and now How To Survive, a lush looking zombie survival game, based on a South American archipelago is going to miss/lack online multiplayer features on the Wii U.

Setting games up to fail on the Wii U from the outset.


The good, the bad and the gimped.

So I’ve just read that Batman: Arkham Origins on the Wii U will NOT be getting the online multiplayer aspects like it’s counterparts, the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. This is another blow for the marketing of the Wii U as a viable console for third (3rd) party content, another bone for the haters/doom-mongers to chew on.

I won’t say/yes I will say. “Do they (the 3rd party developers/publishers) want their game to be branded as inferior on Wii U!” But it sure looks like that?

It pains me, I almost want to do a fish, and say I’m done with gaming, but that’s all I’ve know for 30+ years, and what else am I going to do, learn to knit? Hell no. Ride the hate wave and smile when the yobs are put in their place.

I’m batman, and I go, go, go with a smile, whilst doing the Batdance.