A simple guide to Wii and Wii U game purchasing.

This article on vooks.net tickled me so much I thought it deserved a mention. It revolves around a store, JB Hi-Fi store in Malvern, Victoria that has a helpful guide to clarify the difference between Wii and Wii U games with an in-store sign.

They’ve got a piece of cardboard and both written and drawn on it, Wii and Wii U games cases.

Wii = white case.

Wii U = blue case.

Simple but effective.

Hit the vooks.net link to view the image.



Finally Nintendo get their advertising right!

Are you sick of the false, family dedicated¬†(totally bollocks) advertisements. Here’s looking at you 3DS (Redknapp) advert.

In a false room of a false house, a stage, a cringe-worthy stage, yes? Well worry no more, because Nintendo have put out a good one.

The Wii U GamePad with Rufus Hound.

Put a Wii U logo and Nintendo Network on the advertisements.

Nintendo Network

It’s no secret that (Nintendo) and the Wii U is having a hard time at the moment, but fear not, that will change over the next few months. And as Christmas fast approaches Wii U ownership will be touching the 8-10 million mark.

The games coming, but one thing that angers me is the lack of (missing) both the Wii U and the Nintendo Network logo advertising from 3rd party developers? Why, I have no idea. I could take a guess, but that would probably be well wide of the mark.

You watch a YouTube trailer/developer video, or browse a website and there seems to be a vast lack support for Nintendo Network infrastructure. Fair enough, the online capabilities might not be as impressive as Xbox Live or PlayStation Network, but it should still deserve a mention.

Your thoughts?