Super Mario Wild West.

Super Mario, it’s a game (with one name or another) that kids grew up with, and a game that those kids who grew up, see their kids playing it. A foundation on which youth is entertained and fondly remembered. From the Duran Duran and Pet Shop Boys 1980’s to the Blur and Oasis 1990’s and beyond, to now! A place where/were music is defined by totally fake (who can cry the best sob story) reality shows, and gaming is defined by multi-million pound, micro-transactions.

Super Mario, good old Jumpman, the short, pudgy, Italian plumber. Throughout his struggles in Mushroom Kingdom and his repeated rescues of Princess Peach why has he never thought about taking up arms? He has donned many outlandish suits (the fast approaching being a pussy/cat suit) and his ability to grow and become nearly invincible for a limited time is all fine and dandy, but what about taking it to Bowser and Wario the wild west way.

Gun-slinging! You heard me gun-slinging. A Piranha Plant lies ahead, no problem, light a stick of dynamite and simply say. “Swallow this!” What remains after is smoking pile of flora, charred. No need try and take one down from above, unless you want to get to a vantage point and blast yourself some Piranha Plant with a Winchester rifle.

Now your brain is working overtime, the creation of Super Mario Wild West has you tingling with excitement. Guns, wild west shootouts, trains that pump out vast plumes of smoke and Indians. Not to mention a tobacco chewing Wario that challenges you/Mario to a duel, pistols at dawn.

I don’t know about you? But I sure could do with something off the wall. Super Mario Wild West, what do you think?

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