Nintendo tattoo. Have you got one? Or know someone who has.

Continuing on/furthering the post dated 25/7/13 (Nintendo fanboy/girls) that began with Meatloaf singing an epic and finishing with deed poll bordering on stupid, Zelda name change!

For some crazy reason I was browsing Google images for Nintendo tattoos, no I don’t want one, I already got two, not two Nintendo tattoos, but other devotions. Yosemite Sam on my right arm and Scorpion on my left arm. I’ll go into those properly another time on my personal blog which is under construction, but very quickly.

The Yosemite Sam tattoo I got when I was 21 or there about’s. Me and a mate got drunk one Friday night, and on the Saturday morning strolled down to the tattoo studio, me being me went first, only for my fellow mate to chicken out. The Scorpion is from my army days, and just after.

So I got to admit some of the tattoos are pretty impressive, especially (says with smile on face) this one, and the story behind it. A model and a gamer. People get tattoos in all/different shapes and form for all sorts of reason. But the question is, do you, the readers of this blog have a Nintendo tattoo. Or do you know someone who has?

Would I get a Nintendo tattoo you ask? Possibly, but what of? God knows.

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