What happened with EA Games and Nintendo?

Back in 2011 when John Riccitiello former CEO of EA Games took to the stage at Nintendo’s E3 press conference and began to speak about playing football (Madden NFL) on an innovative new controller (all that play calling off the big screen) and playing (Battlefield) with (jaw dropping graphics), the corporate spiel and commitment of tone “a stunning breakthrough in technology” seemed almost as if a dream had come true for fans of football and shooters. Especially to those fans who chose to game the Nintendo way, and don’t have the luxury of owning more than one console.

Fast forward and we/you have the train wreck that is EA Games and Nintendo, it’s a toxic spillage, the carriages came off the tracks and people got fired/quit before being fired or should have been fired. “The Wii U is crap!”.

It doesn’t end there, since the Wii U is crap incident there have been other broadsides aimed towards Nintendo, looking at you Peter Moore and DICE, not necessarily DICE overall, I simply think they (the developers at DICE) are told what to say regarding (Frostbite) by the powers that be, the higher echelons of management.

So what happened? Does it stem from the rumoured Origin incident. Where EA Games wanted sole control of online and digital features on the Wii U? Can the two companies work it out? Yes they can, and can they do it this generation, yes they will. There is something to be said for one company buying another.

Disney recently acquired LucasArts and the Star Wars franchise. Now with that kind of acquisition, Disney are going to want their content to be delivered to as many customers as possible, no excuses. So if DICE are saying that their proprietary gaming engine can be scaled to work on mobile technology and last generation technology, then games like Battlefront will make an appearance on Nintendo’s Wii U.

It’s all about money and number of units (consoles) out there. Money talks and bull$hit walks, or gets fired.

We/you may not See Battlefield 4 on Wii U, but you can bet your mother, we/you will see Bad Company 3 and/or the remake of 2142, which will be titled 2143.

11 thoughts on “What happened with EA Games and Nintendo?

    • Good article you wrote Richard, it’s just a pity EA Games came out with a load of crap-down talk towards Nintendo, or at least some of the staff who work for them. Money will do the talking, and in time EA Games and Nintendo will kiss and make up.

      • It’s Ricard…..no H….haha. Not a big deal though…it’s a common mistake.

        I hope that when EA tries to come crawling back, Nintendo basically tells them “No.” or makes them get rid of Origin (I mean, Germany has a lawsuit pending because of privacy violations) or something. The Wii U doesn’t need EA.

        EA’s a sinking ship anyway really….lost NCAA exclusivity/ability to use the name, lost the Madden lawsuit, will most likely lose the NCAA collegiate likeness lawsuit, NFL might not renew the contract because of all the brand damage they are causing, Madden lawsuit could be taken further and is easy enough to prove wrongdoing, “Worst company in America” two years in a row (even though it’s meaningless), all of their recent games have bombed….

        Good riddance. Others can come crawling back, but EA can stay in the ditch they’ve dug themselves. The damage is done and anyone in their right mind wouldn’t support how insanely unprofessional they are.

    • I like Battlefield too….but not enough to keep buying it when EA is simply unprofessional. Bad Company 1&2 were way better than 3 imo. 3 is a pretty game, but lacks the personality and the scope that Bad Company had.

      I probably won’t even play 4, though the fully destructible multiplayer maps are pretty tempting.

  1. who cares about the wii u that console should have came out when the wii came out shame on them, i will not support a company who has lost touch with there fan base, im sorry but zelda or mario is not enough to save a sinking ship nintendo the company will be fine but the wii u is trash. They will be less irrelevant when the next gen consoles launch im sorry but a tablet controller does not make a wii u next gen

    • If second screen experiences aren’t “next gen” where were they last gen? Why are both Sony and MS tossing in “Me too!” efforts for their consoles?

      What about running games at 60fps at both 720 and 1080p natively? Is that not “next-gen?” If not….then the PS4 and Xbone are not “next-gen” either. A generation is not defined by power, but by time. The Wii U is LITERALLY the next generation of Nintendo hardware.

      The Western fan base has lost touch with Nintendo, not the other way around. Nintendo’s fan base doesn’t give a rat’s ass about “OMG GRAFX.” Never have. Out of everything shown from the PS4 and Xbone, I haven’t seen one gameplay innovation. Nothing that shows me these games aren’t simply PC equivalents of the exact same games we’ve already seen over and over again.

      People had the exact same sentiments about the 3DS. That Mario and Zelda wouldn’t be enough to “save” it, that the new upcoming hardware was going to absolutely destroy it in sales because if its power, that mobile gaming had stolen the casual gamer forever. The exact opposite has happened. Mario and Zelda were released and sales boomed, sales continued to skyrocket as more quality titles came out….and just the other day 100k 3DS’s were pre-sold in Japan in just 9 hours because they were the special Pokemon editions.

      Software sells hardware and Nintendo has far more titles, especially exclusive ones, coming out than either of the other two next gen systems.

  2. i hate EA.they are lieing POS.they are the scum of the industry,with a jewish bankers mentality.they worship money(devels),and care nothing about a healthy game industry,they’de sell there children if the price was right.EA you guys are pathetic lieing scumbags and we are wise to your bull_-_- and lies.change your ways or go bankrupt for all we care.you guys are whats rong with the industry period. monopolizing money hungery pricks plain and simple.

  3. The whole EA ordeal is outrageous. It seems like they keep making “Wii U Doom” comments so that Nintendo websites will pick them up and post about them, essentially keeping them in the headlines.

    By the way, nice post!


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