My Nintendo open letter.

Dear Mr. Nintendo,

I’m know the games are coming and patience is virtue and all that, but I don’t have any patience, and sadly that will end up being my demise. It has in many a game over the years.

What I would like to say is simple. A great deal of people grew up with the old Nintendo and gang, when a Nintendo console was aimed at the gamer, and not their mother/s or their mother’s mother (grandmother). Those days are thankfully gone, (Apple and Google) took care of that, but what is left is the wreckage of thoughtlessness and misconception.

Who rectifies this, Nintendo does, you Mr. Nintendo, and how do you start? By bringing the games, not just the stalwarts of the industry, but by introducing rookie contenders. Gamer’s need change and they need to be loved and listened to. We all like a good bit of Mario here and there, but hang on! Mario in a cat suit for Christmas.

Your master creator, Mr. Miyamoto is busy creating something new? Not a party game I hope! When I said a rookie contender, I hope this is what he is creating, a game with such “WOW” factor and awesomeness it blows the socks right off the gaming world.

We can dream, and we can be patient, we can be vocal and we can be honest. I am being honest, there is a time for Mario and a time for change. Change is needed, games for a new generation are needed. We speak, you listen and then act. We are your fans, your bread and butter. Make Wii U awesome by waking the thunder god!


Matthew, AKA wombateer.

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