Cell shaded games.

Prince of Persia (2008), No More Heroes and Borderlands 1/2 come to mind when I think of cell shaded games, simply because there three (3) games that really appeal to me. Talking Gearbox Software, it’s just a pity that other Gearbox Software games can’t be as awesome as Borderlands. Here’s looking at you Duke Nukem and Aliens Colonial Marines.

Smile briefly at the cancellation, then think of, what could have been..?

The first time I played Prince of Persia was back in my Amiga 500 days, going on two decades ago, ouch! Before internet, Facebook, Twitter and “Boom headshot’s!”

So I’ve been thinking, what games would you like to see cell shaded. For example, would Starfox or Metroid be good candidates for this particular art style?

The legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is cell shaded, and personally I can’t wait to indulge myself. Never played it on the GameCube, in fact I never owned a GameCube, went the way of the PlayStation back in the early two thousands, the noughties!

Yes I know my Wii, would have played GameCube games, but I was too busy playing Mario Galaxy, Metroid and other great content to go back a notch.

So I will just do it this time, with a revamped high definition version.

Anyway cell shaded games, first (1st) or third (3rd) party, that would you like to see?

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