If you were in charge of the Wii U design.

I like my Wii U, and probably you like yours? The question I’m asking today is. If you were in charge of the Wii U design, what technological features would you have included or not included?

Would you have more RAM, (like 4 gig) and a better grade/core/clocked GPU- CPU? A matt-black finish (do you hate all the finger marks)? More flash storage, (possibly 64 gig) or a dedicated hard-drive (320 gig)? Gone for a pro controller/wiimote combination and ditched the GamePad for implementation of greater assets elsewhere?

Games at launch, especially 1st party. If the games couldn’t be ready for launch. Would you have delayed the console?

Got some thoughts on this, then please comment.

Have your say! (And please don't spam or swear vulgarly, because your comment will either be moderated/edited or NOT published! Happy commenting :)

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