What makes a hardcore gamer?

There is an interesting discussion I am reading on a forum I often frequent. The forum post is simply titled. What makes a hardcore gamer? To be honest, the question asked is not that straight forward.

Quick fire answers basically point towards the same sentiment. “Someone with no life!” I would quickly fire back. It’s really easy to forget that for many people gaming is escapism, be it from the mundane life they lead, or escapism to the life they would like to lead. Now you have a picture/an image in your head of a crack sniper, ready to make that kill-shot.

I would also like to add, could gaming be an addiction? And those who game are addicts, lusting over the next piece of the puzzle or the next unlock?

Whatever your thoughts are towards the hardcore gamer, be it the whiny little kid who spams COD all day, to the journalist/s who game/s for a living, I would like to know what you think.

Have your say! (And please don't spam or swear vulgarly, because your comment will either be moderated/edited or NOT published! Happy commenting :)

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