Nintendo develop a mature FPS.

There is something to be said for the FPS genre, it draws the crowds, unfortunately FPS’s are ten a penny (and the really good examples) have been milked to death over the last half decade.

So why do I ask Nintendo to develop a mature FPS? Because a really good FPS aimed towards the mature gamer would strengthen Nintendo’s appeal. Especially in the eyes of those core gamer’s it so craves.

So let me get this straight, I’m not talking taking on Call of Duty or Battlefield head on, I’m taking developing a game that strives NOT to be ultra realistic, but aims to be over-the-top, crazy fun.

A recent example is TitanFall, who doesn’t want to climb into a giant mech and blow the living crap out of everything? There is also ORION: Dino Horde, think Halo with dinosaurs, plenty of blood and guts. It’s far from great, but it can really be good with a few players online.

Another great example of FPS fun was Soldier of Fortune (yes it’s old school) but it was damn good fun back in the day.

Today’s FPS thou is all about unlocks, competitive multi-player and those damn headshots! Boom headshot.

So what could Nintendo develop? Battlefield with zombies? Drive round in a tank and take a 50 cailbre to the apocalypse.

I’m sure if enough Nintendo fans voiced their ideas, Nintendo could really come up with something really special. Something over-the-top, crazy fun.

Nintendo Mature Games!

2 thoughts on “Nintendo develop a mature FPS.

  1. Get Nintendo to buy the rights to an OutTrigger sequel.
    OutTrigger was a dreamcast FPS where instead of blood and guts, enemies’ bodies would fly back and bounce off the walls like rubber from a shotgun-blast or a headshot and drop arcade-style power-ups when they died.
    I imagine something like “Faceball 2000” updated.

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