The good, the bad and the gimped.

So I’ve just read that Batman: Arkham Origins on the Wii U will NOT be getting the online multiplayer aspects like it’s counterparts, the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. This is another blow for the marketing of the Wii U as a viable console for third (3rd) party content, another bone for the haters/doom-mongers to chew on.

I won’t say/yes I will say. “Do they (the 3rd party developers/publishers) want their game to be branded as inferior on Wii U!” But it sure looks like that?

It pains me, I almost want to do a fish, and say I’m done with gaming, but that’s all I’ve know for 30+ years, and what else am I going to do, learn to knit? Hell no. Ride the hate wave and smile when the yobs are put in their place.

I’m batman, and I go, go, go with a smile, whilst doing the Batdance.


TeamSpeak for Wii U gaming chat.

The other day I wrote an article regarding the Wii U GamePad and the need for apps. So I’m at work last night and a fellow gamer (HUNT3R) and long time friend (+ 30 years) get talking PC gaming and the constant hardware updates that we use to religiously go through.

The days of Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising, Battlefield 2 and NVIDIA 6600 GT graphic cards. We also talked PS4 (yes I have pre-ordered one) and what that new Elite game will be like? Dangerous, Elite Dangerous, that is such a poor name in my humble opinion.

In between all of our gaming reminiscing, how me, HUNT3R and our fellow clan members use to chat for hours over TeamSpeak, even if we weren’t gaming. We would send each other web links and generally have a good laugh, whilst getting drunk, which sadistically turned into abuse, fighting talk.

That got me thinking what if a TeamSpeak app was developed for the Wii U? Friends who have rented severs could chat between themselves to their hearts content. Individual channels/rooms can be setup, for example. A Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate channel/room and a General chat channel/room.

Billy and his friends can be hunting (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate channel/room) and when they’ve done killing, causing pandemonium at the press of a button they can enter the General chat channel/room and talk to Fred and the gang who could be out and about and chatting using their mobiles.

Never heard of TeamSpeak, take a read if you like.

For the love of Nintendo, and Miiverse make a “General” game chat community.

I’ve said this before,  and other people are also saying it.

Wheres the “General” game chat community Nintendo? I’m sure Uplay and Ubisoft are sick of us spamming their community with other tangents.

They (Nintendo) have added tags. Question, Accomplishment, Impressions, but they still are leaving the Miiverse fans  to “talk the talk” here there and everywhere.